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Computer Repairs in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Each computer is a unique experience, being customised to its individual user, with programs and settings for their required tasks.

But there are many common issues that apply to them all, and P.C. Wizard is available to fix them!

If you have any of these problems, or others, and live in the Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland area, (and now: Northampton!) P.C. Wizard can visit you to solve them!

Set Up

PC Set-up

Smooth running of a computer relies upon it being set up correctly.
Don’t leave this to chance! Let The P.C. Wizard handle it, from unpacking, plugging in and switching on, to installing all software and configuring email, Internet etc.


Wireless and Internet

PC up and running, but can’t talk to anyone else? Let The P.C. Wizard set up your secure Internet access, either through a wired or wireless connection.


Slow Computer?

One of the most common complaints, this will usually be either a malware infection or insufficient RAM Memory. Both can be solved by a quick visit from The P.C. Wizard



Appropriate security software is vital to protect your PC. Don’t be left vulnerable, or end up paying over the odds. The P.C. Wizard can assess your requirements and install exactly what you need.

Problem not mentioned here?

With computers being such a wide-ranging subject, and people being at different levels of experience, it is impossible to list all eventualities here.

With over 15 years experience in the Computer Repair industry, P.C. Wizard will endeavour to find a solution tailored to your individual requirements.

P.C. Wizard covers all of Leicestershire and Rutland (and now Northampton!) for your home and small-office computer issues.

Please call to discuss your needs

0116 2910852
07941 414828
0116 2605783
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Available 10am-8pm Monday - Saturday

The P.C. Wizard is a Mad Dwarf Production

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